Surprising 10 One-Hit Wonder Authors

index-jdsalingerAuthors You Didn’t Realize Never Wrote Second Novels
J D Salinger being in the list really surprised me

If You Don’t Tell Your Story, They’ll Tell It For You
And that happened to me just hours earlier. There was this tweet about a certain mother of 8 nicknamed ‘Aling Trining’. I also have 7 siblings and my mother’s is the same. But what’s intriguing me is why this story was retweeted when the tweeter rarely do that.

‘…The tired old marketing buzzword for solving all this is “transparency.” Dozens of lukewarm social media consultants will suggest that starting a company blog to share photos of your company strategy sessions or guest posts from your technical team will help avoid your PR department’s next aneurysm. But transparency implies that a brand should more or less do as much as possible behind a glass wall. The real problem isn’t that people don’t know enough. It’s that they aren’t given a consistent narrative that they can follow without gaps. “Transparency” doesn’t solve this…’
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Write Effective Call-to-Action Tweets
‘Although there isn’t a single silver bullet for tweeting success, over the years, we’ve analyzed our internal Tweet engagement data to determine some general best practices. In this new recurring “Tweet tips” blog series, we’ll share insights to help advertisers craft the most engaging Tweets.

‘We know there are times when marketers want to balance having a conversation with driving immediate action. So, in our first blog post, we explore the most effective call-to-action strategies in Tweets…’
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Microcontent – What Is It and Why Should You Care?
‘Your blog posts and articles take time and care to create. The next step after publication is to promote your posts and that’s when you turn to microcontent to spark curiosity and drive traffic. Knowing that social networks are great for sending traffic back to your homebase (your blog of course), here are some ways you can use microcontent to invite your fans and followers back “home”:…’
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