Successful Firm Favors Non-pro Employees

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Upworthy’s social success depends on gut-checking “regular people”
“Of the things we curate at Upworthy, I think our editorial staff is what we pride ourselves the most on curating. We really focus on regular people. We reject the idea that the media elite or people who have been trained in a certain way somehow have the monopoly on editorial judgement, what matters or should matter. So we focus almost exclusively on hiring non-professionally trained writers,” she says. “To be honest, it’s sometimes difficult for folks who have professional background to come into Upworthy and have success.”…’
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Things Content Marketers Can Learn From Storytellers
‘Content marketing is storytelling, so it’s not all that bizarre to think that fiction writers might actually have some advice for us. Can we borrow narrative devices and writing tips from fiction? I certainly believe we can. These seven skills, devices, and tactics come straight from the art of fiction, but they’re remarkable tools for any writer that hopes to draw attention and engagement…’
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Should You Use Stock Images?
‘Stock images do not result in a negative effect on your site. You will never be penalized for using the same images as thousands of other people as long as that image is relevant to your page and is providing some value to the user. Matt Cutts recently released a video that confirmed this, saying Google’s algorithm doesn’t take stock images into account in any way, positive or negative…’
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More bad news for advertisers
Stanford, Mozilla, Opera Join Forces
Stanford Law School Center for Internet and Society Launches “Cookie Clearinghouse” to Enable User Choice for Online Tracking

‘The Center for Internet and Society (CIS) at Stanford Law School launched a new online privacy initiative today called the “Cookie Clearinghouse,” which will empower Internet users to make informed choices about online privacy. The Cookie Clearinghouse is being spearheaded by Aleecia M. McDonald, the Director of Privacy at CIS…’


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