Check if Your Meat is GMO-tainted

index-ngp‘The Agriculture Department has approved a label for meat and liquid egg products that includes a claim about the absence of genetically engineered products.

‘It is the first time that the department, which regulates meat and poultry processing, has approved a non-G.M.O. label claim, which attests that meat certified by the Non-GMO Project came from animals that never ate feed containing genetically engineered ingredients like corn, soy and alfalfa…’

‘Million’ join protests in 100 Brazilian cities
‘Violence erupted in many places and an 18-year-old man died when a car drove through a barricade in Sao Paulo state.

‘Protests began more than a week ago over high transport fares but are also highlighting corruption and the cost of next year’s football World Cup…’

What Philippine Citizens Don’t Care About
The Brazilian violence started from high transport fares protest, yet in the Philippines, it’s a very low priority at no. 4. In my 2 cents worth, the worst apathy is on ‘political freedom’ while ‘Phone and Internet access’ isn’t surprising since there is generally no problem with that

According the My World 2015 website, the lowest 5 priorities in the PH are:

1. Action taken against climate change
2. Equality between men and women
3. Phone and Internet access
4. Better transport and roads
5. Political freedoms
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Even with the fastest-growing economy in East Asia
Good Life is Still Scarce in Philippines

‘The Philippines, with a 7.8 percent expansion of gross domestic product in the first quarter of 2013, has the fastest-growing economy in East Asia, surpassing even China’s. The country has a red-hot stock market, a strong currency and a steady stream of accolades and upgrades from international ratings agencies.

‘But Mr. Tagarro’s experience – of being left behind by the country’s newfound prosperity – mirrors that of many Filipinos, according to the latest government poverty and employment data.

‘An estimated seven million Filipinos, about 17 percent of the work force, have gone overseas in search of jobs, according to the Asian Development Bank. For those who stay home, options are few…’


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