How Important Digital Detox Is

2012 instagrams
Digital Detox can possibly prevent Internet addiction which is a very real menace
Surviving Without Tech at Digital Detox Camp
Imagine being a kid again with no technology or time

‘As I talked with fellow campers about their experiences this past week and reflected on my own, I wondered if this newfound awareness would fizzle out and we’d all eventually go back to old habits. But working to balance the amount of technology in our lives is certainly something we consciously need to figure out each day. So for now, I’ll close my laptop and do some planning to hang out with friends and family. And I don’t mean on Google+…’
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Why Matthew will never click on your Instagram video
‘On Thursday, Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom introduced the Facebook-owned platform’s new video feature with the kind of hushed and reverential tones that are usually reserved for announcements about a new Pope, or a declaration of war. And in a sense it is a declaration of war: a war against Twitter, which wanted Instagram very badly and has its own short video feature known as Vine. But it is a war I refuse to take part in, and I don’t think I’m the only one – and that could reduce the likelihood that Instagram’s offering will ever truly become “the Instagram of video.”…’

How To Tackle Crucial Conversations On Facebook & Twitter
What to do and avoid if you don’t want to be notorious and unpopular online

‘Typically, these online fights emerge because people are choosing to have crucial conversations – discussions about politics, religion, or other sensitive topics – on social media sites, which might not always be the best outlet for these debates.

“’Social media platforms allow us to connect with others and strengthen relationships in ways that weren’t possible before. Sadly, they have also become the default forums for holding high-stakes conversations, blasting polarizing opinions and making statements with little regard for those within screen shot,” says Joseph Grenny, one of the investigators on this study and co-author of the book Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High. “We struggle to speak candidly and respectfully in person, let alone through a forum that allows no immediate feedback or the opportunity to see how our words will affect others.”…’

Your Blog Is Your Rough Draft
‘These are two success stories that started in the same place – the blank page of a blog editor. These blog posts were, in reality, a rough draft for what was to come.

‘Have you started your rough draft? Have you even thought about your blog in this way?

‘Most blog posts have the shelf life of a carton of milk. Here today, spoiled tomorrow. Blogging software naturally burries the old in favor of the new. Your posts may continue to get love from the SEO ether, but we usually see them as products with a fast-coming expiration date.

‘This may be the reality of our software, but many bloggers like Chris Anderson and 37 Signals have learned that their blog wasn’t a place for their content to die a slow death – it was a place to create their first draft…’


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