Possible Test Case on US Surveillance

English: Cover of the 10 July 2009 Unclassifie...

English: Cover of the 10 July 2009 Unclassified Report on the President’s Surveillance Program prepared by the Inspectors General of the DoD, DOJ, CIA, NSA, and ODN as required under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 Amendments Act of 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Accused bomb plotter might serve as constitutional challenge to expanded powers

‘“So I believe the FISA Amendments Act is important,” the California Democrat said before a vote to extend the 2008 law, “and these cases show the program has worked.”

‘Today, however, the government is refusing to say whether that law was used to develop evidence to charge Adel Daoud, a 19-year-old Chicago man accused of the bomb plot.

‘And Daoud’s lawyers said in a motion filed Friday that the reason is simple. The government, they said, wants to avoid a constitutional challenge to the law, which governs a National Security Agency surveillance program that has once again become the focus of national debate over its reach into Americans’ private communications…’
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What the children of the elite are taught
The elite make sure their children are well educated. Not “their heads stuffed with facts” – but taught how to think. communicate and deal with the world as it really it.

This is completely different from what children are taught in public school.

A fascinating short talk by John Taylor Gatto.

11 TED Talks about equality of all kinds
‘As the United States struggles to secure rights for LGBT citizens, take time during Pride Month to celebrate both struggles and victories on the road to equality, and explore this compilation of talks about issues at the heart of this civil rights battle. Marvel at the science of political beliefs with David Pizzaro’s “The Strange Politics of Disgust,” or witness the power of Shane Koyczan’s performance of “To This Day… for the bullied and the beautiful.” Let each provocative and fascinating talk remind you of the progress already made in this fight and the change soon to come…’

31 Household Products You’ll Never Have To Buy Again
Save money and keep your home chemical free with these DIY recipes.


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