The NSA-Proof Font

This is simply genius. Imagine a typeface that reads like captchas!
‘At a moment when governments and corporations alike are hellbent on snooping through your personal digital messages, it’d sure be nice if there was a font their dragnets couldn’t decipher. So Sang Mun tried to build one.

‘Sang, a recent graduate from the Rhode Island Schoold of Design (RISD), has unveiled ZXX—a “a disruptive typeface” that he says is much more difficult for data collectors like the NSA to decrypt. He’s made it free to download on his website…’
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The Risk of Using Facebook at Work
Don’t be the next employee who gets fired by mixing FB and corporate job
‘This video presentation is about potential risks of using Facebook at work such as: IT issues, Security and Privacy risks, recruitment related issues, productivity loss, vicarious liability for uploading inappropriate content and viruses threats. There are also presented tips on how to avoid all these risks…’

“Self-Harm Social Media” Still Thrives
‘Ashley Womble, Director of Communications for the subsidiary of Mental Health Association of New York City (MHA-NYC), which handles the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, also agrees that by its very nature, Tumblr is home to more self-harm content than others.

‘“If you type in ‘kill myself’ or ‘suicide’ on Tumblr, you’re going to find some really dark stuff,” she says. “You’re going to find that a lot of people are writing about the suicide ideation online; they’re posting pictures of self harm to what I consider to be a disturbing level. If you type in that same search term on Pinterest, you would not find that. In fact, you might not find anything.”…’

The Most Common Mistake on Tweeting
I irritated one of my followers by replying instead of retweeting. This is another solution

‘In its basic form, Twitter is pretty simple. However, there is one mistake I have seen by a variety of brands and even more by people. Twitter users do not understand the correct use of the @ symbol.

Difference between a @Reply and a @Mention:

@Reply: A public tweet where the target person receives a notification about the tweet. It starts with the @ symbol. It does not show up in the timeline of all followers.

@Mention: A public tweet where the person who is mentioned receives a notification. It also shows up in the timeline of everyone who follows the tweeter. It does NOT start with @ but starts with anything else…’
The Scenario


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