Twitter Photo Silences Texas Abortion Filibuster

How a photo on Twitter helped kill a controversial Texas abortion bill

‘…Then the audience of pro-choice protestors began screaming in support of the Democrats, creating such chaos that it was impossible to conduct the vote. State troopers moved in and ultimately silenced the group, after which the senate speedily passed the bill.

‘But the initial timestamp read 12:02 am, past the midnight deadline.

‘After the vote, an argument broke out over whether the bill passed before the deadline, as printouts emerged showing the bill’s timestamp on June 25. Outraged at the attempts to turn back the clock and enforce the bill, Senator Juan Chuy Hinojosa took to Twitter, and the still-watching public, with the evidence:…’
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Why Guest-bloggers Should be Mindful of Penguin 2.0
The Penguin 2.0 update is specifically targeted towards guest-blogging.

‘…Many businesses and bloggers use guest-blogging as a means to get more inbound links to their websites. Most often, the guest posts are riddled with links to the author’s website and product pages that are not relevant to the content of the guest post at all. As a publisher, stop linking to your site and other articles from your content. Don’t guest blog just for the sake of building links. Instead, use guest blogging to build your reputation…’
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