Why You Might be a Jobless Genius

financialcontent(I’m not glad I might be one)
‘The heart of the problem for geniuses — people who are 9 or 10 at something — are that they are probably a 2-3 in other areas. Joe Polish is a product marketing genius (9+), especially for items that are novel, fun, or focus on personal development. He charges people $25k to join his “25k club,” and people I interviewed from this group report receiving far greater value than they give up when they write that big check. Joe is also stubborn, crass and prone to topic-jump in a way that makes it seem like he’s listening to voices we can’t hear. His sense of humor alone would make him unemployable in most big companies. So in terms of “playing by the rules,” he’s a “2” on a good day.

‘Joe would be a dangerous hire for a company. Yes, he’s a genius in product marketing. But the chance that he’d offend someone in a conservative culture is 100% — in the first week…’

Facebook Hashtags for Political Campaigns
‘…Being able to follow topics, or issues, regardless of whether we follow the people discussing them, is why Twitter is much better for expanding a campaign’s outreach opportunities. Sure, Facebook is great to organize people online and offline AFTER you make a connection, but Twitter has always been better at reaching new people.

‘With the new Facebook hashtag, though, that can all change. Assuming Facebook users embrace the new hashtag by clicking through to check out the conversations they link to, Facebook outreach can now be expansive, like Twitter (but to more people)…’

Comparison of Christians and Atheists on Twitter
‘We analyze data from nearly 2 million text messages (tweets) across over 16,000 users on Twitter to examine differences between Christians and atheists in natural language. Analyses reveal that Christians use more positive emotion words and less negative emotion words than atheists. Moreover, two independent paths predict differences in expressions of happiness: frequency of words related to an intuitive (vs. analytic) thinking style and frequency of words related to social relationships. These findings provide the first evidence that the relationship between religion and happiness is partially mediated by thinking style. This research also provides support for previous laboratory studies and self-report data, suggesting that social connection partially mediates the relationship between religiosity and happiness. Implications for theory and the future of social science using computational methods to analyze social media are discussed…’

Say NO to the prosecution of Deric Lostutter for helping expose the Steubenville rape cover-up
Deric Lostutter is the young online activist who allegedly helped release the video that exposed the Steubenville football team rape cover-up. Last month a SWAT team raided his house, handcuffed him, and pointed guns at his head. Now he’s facing 10 years in prison, all for helping expose the rapists.
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