All About the Texas Abortion Bill

Five Facts The Media Aren’t Telling You About the Texas Abortion Filibuster
3013501-poster-1920-leadership-lessons-from-wendy-davis-dramatic-filibuster‘As I write this, Davis is being hailed all across the national news as a courageous, principled, instant superstar. ABC News, CBS News, The Washington Post… all hailed her obstructionism. Left-wing cable news outlets — CNN and MSNBC — were just as gushing; as were the morning news shows.

‘Anyone familiar with our media knows what the Media Narrative is here — all about gender politics, “reproductive rights,” and any other buzzword that can be utilized to place Wendy Davis astride a white horse, and her political opponents grunting away in that Neanderthal cave known as Texas.

‘Naturally, though, most of the national media are ignoring any pertinent facts inconvenient to their agenda. Here are five of them:…’
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Understanding ‘God’s War’ Against Abortion and Wendy Davis in Texas
Religious activists who want anti-choice bills passed in Texas and elsewhere view politics as a battle between good and evil

‘Religion in Texas, like everything else, is big. Small talk frequently is opened with the question, “Where do you go to church?” Governor Rick Perry convened his own megachurch in Houston’s Reliant Stadium in 2011, just before he launched his failed presidential run. The crowd was fervent and very diverse. It was not just old white people gathered at a Christian Coalition of America reunion. Sure, the old guard was there – James and Shirley Dobson, founders of Focus on the Family, virtually passed the torch. But the new generation is more pentecostal, more racially diverse, young, old, and in between, and very committed to the idea that they are locked in a spiritual battle with Satanic forces that will destroy America with abortion and LBGT equality. They weren’t there for Perry, necessarily; they believe they were called there…’

Geo-Tagged Twitter Map of #StandWithWendy Shows Texas Senator Wasn’t a Lone Star
‘The map created by the academic research group Floating Sheep, shows that while the volume of Twitter activity for #StandWithWendy was—naturally—greatest in Texas itself (nearly 29 percent of all tweets), there was also quite a bit of chatter coming out of places like New York state (8 percent), California (12 percent) and even places like Illinois (4 percent). The most interesting thing about the data, Floating Sheep’s founder and “chief shepherd” Matthew Zook told Wired is “the way that social media can make a relatively local concern (i.e. state-level legislature) and quickly make it into a national event.”…’


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