‘Trial by Timeline’ Will Catch Facebook Crimes

Amnesty International’s New Zealand branch created a tool that scans your timeline for updates that could get you arrested in other countries.


Its summary informs you how many times you would have been beaten, tortured and persecuted for these “crimes”, which could be associated with your gender, nationality, relationships, social activity or political views.
AI Facebook

Copyright Infringement And Photo Sharing
A New Lawsuit Tests The Limits Of Fair Use

‘A new court test of fair use on the Internet appears likely, due to a lawsuit filed June 7 by photographer Kai Eiselein against BuzzFeed. Eiselein, who is demanding damages that could total over $3.6 million, claims that BuzzFeed infringed his copyright in a photograph he posted on Flickr in 2009 showing a soccer player heading a ball.

‘According to Eiselein, BuzzFeed included the photo without his consent in a collection titled “The 30 Funniest Header Faces” published in June 2010…’
full story

Card Transfers Photos From Camera To Phone Instantly
SD card connect tech without the cords.

‘The wireless SD card maker has launched a new memory card specifically for photographers who can immediately upload photos from camera to tablets and smartphones.

‘The card’s ease of use is due to its built in Wi-Fi that can transfer photos in the absence of an Internet connection thus allowing people to upload photos in real time from remote locations. The SD card uses an iOS or Android app that comes with a 10 digit code for access. This comes as good news to photojournalists working from exotic travel destinations and for DSLR enthusiasts who can easily share photos on social media, jumping traditional hurdles of electronic transfer…’

Send 10 Kids to CENTEX Manila Scholarship
If you pledge $100 or more, SCHOOL IS COOL DEAL. For your donation, we’re sending you a special pocket notebook with a beautiful art cover by Filipino artist Vicente Manansala. It’s puuuurtty! Plus, we’ll send you a ‘Thank You’ letter written by one of our CENTEX students!

Opera Launches Chromium-Based ‘Next’ Browser for Windows


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