The New Arbiter of Social Justice

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‘The video was posted to YouTube earlier today, and went straight to the top of Reddit. Thousands of views and retweets later, a matter of hours had passed before the aggressive busker in the video had been named, tracked down by the local paper and forced to apologise. He even makes a good stab at justifying his awful behaviour. Nice try, angry busker man.

‘As commenter lgaddy points out, the discussion was led by Felix Renicks who runs the popular @WeLoveBath twitter account, followed by over 16,000 people. This account has been at the epicenter of local discussions in the last couple of years and continues to grow as a knowledge resource.

‘So is that justice done? You’d have to say yes, wouldn’t you?…’
More cases of social justice

How Twitter can also save your business
‘Though I don’t participate in the conversation, I do use Twitter to keep up with news that often doesn’t show up at all in other places, or if it does, comes later and appears to have been sculpted into a politically palatable version. Boots-on-the-ground reporting doesn’t exist the way it once did, but with Twitter, you get an even more authentic inside view than was available back when major news agencies paid for on-the-scene reporters to go to where the action was. This time, however, it’s delivered from everywhere at once, and by native reporters who were there at the onset and before.

‘Taking that a step further, we see that the absolutely current factor of Twitter brings all kinds of marketing opportunities for those who are quick on the uptake. Remember the wonderful Oreo tweet and others by brands that jumped on the power outage during the Super Bowl? And we mustn’t forget the sheer ease of staying abreast of everything happening in your own industry that Twitter grants us…’

Sturgeon’s Law and Online Content
Remember Sturgeon’s Law which states that 90% of everything is crap? That’s also applicable to online content

So You Think You Own The Books and Games You Paid For?
‘The idea of ownership is shifting – if not disappearing – as we replace books with eBooks, video game discs with digital downloads and CDs with streaming services.Is 4 > 1?

‘It drove gamers nuts. They took to Twitter, they took to comment sections and did just about everything (short of going outside) to complain about Microsoft’s new game lending policy – so much so that Microsoft eventually changed their policy…’
What was it?


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