Power Surges Will Ruin Your Gadgets

English: Swiss power socket - showing how leth...

English: Swiss power socket – showing how lethal voltage is accessible when the plug is partially inserted. The power strip bears the (S+) Swiss safety mark, but the socket not or uses a different standard. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am paranoid about PC security from malwares and virus but I was surprised to be reminded of this
‘Do you have your PC, television, or other expensive electronics plugged directly into a power outlet? You shouldn’t. You should plug your gadgets into a surge protector, which isn’t necessarily the same thing as a power strip.

‘Sure, we all might forget about surge protection because everything seems to be going fine, but it only takes one power surge or spike and your expensive electronics could become useless…’
Power Surges and Spikes

Tips on Politically Correct Social Conversations
‘How we communicate whether it be written or spoken either creates an energy of either feedback that someone can take and learn from or criticism where someone gets defense and You might as well have said nothing because they aren’t going to hear You anyways.Your social media platforms, our walls that you communicate on determine your success. Here are some tips for creating empowering conversations that stimulate thought provoking responses and questions…’

The 50 best ‘Bragging Rights” claimed on Google+
The Hashtag creator wouldn’t copyright it but at least claimed it here

‘A few months ago I started a little file called “Google+ bragging rights.” Into it I began funneling the “bragging rights” that people have listed for themselves on their G+ profiles, the thought being that such a collection might make for fun reading once it reached a critical mass of notable entries. It has.

‘Some Google+ readers should be thankful that I chose to do a “best” list instead of “lamest” or “most pretentious,” but here are the folks who seem to understand what was being asked of them …’

Try the latest Ubuntu Cloud Guest images
‘Canonical will pay for you to use Ubuntu Cloud Guest in the cloud for an hour. We will take care of the registration (we need your email), set up and even provide some pre-configured applications to choose from. We really want you to see for yourself.

‘What do you need to do? As part of the login process you will be asked to set up login and security credentials. But don’t worry, it’s really quick and easy…’
try here


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