WordPress News Sites are Dying


WordPress (Photo credit: Huasonic)

We’re talking about self-hosted sites like wpdaily.co. Yet Plato on-line, which is not self-hosted, is going strong. Puzzling isn’t that? I couldn’t even attribute content-originality to Plato on-line’s growth since most of its content are just curated. So I can only assume that Plato on-line is thriving because of its faithful followers (thanks a million you all!). Yet Plato on-line isn’t even close to Bill Mullins’ Tech Thoughts which ranks high in Technorati!

‘There’s been a lot of talk about WordPress news sites lately – essentially about how most of them seem to fail. (For the record, it’s not really fair to say that WP Daily “failed.” We don’t really know all the details.)

‘Of course we’ve had our part in these conversations, talking about the demise of the WordPress Planet, an attempt to make a new WordPress Planet, and whether WordPress news sites are worth paying for.

‘This latest news from WP Daily (which seemed to have many fans) only serves to reinforce the hard realities making a WordPress news site work. And so once again it raises the questions: What’s the solution? What models can work?…’

Another puzzle to me
Why Online Learning is Broken
In spite of all the many free writing courses available, I can’t still find one that could work for me

‘What’s wrong with online learning companies like Udemy, Lynda and their ilk? According to a new company called Versal, it’s that their lectures are boring. Low-tech, even.

“’Existing courses are really just PowerPoints or videos,” said Versal CEO Gregor Freund. “They’re really only taking advantage of ten percent of the computer. If a course is on a computer it should be taking advantage of its full capabilities.”

“’As they exist now, online courses require incredibly motivated learners to stick with them,” he added…’

Are Artists and Designers Different?
If artists shouldn’t be designers, how come Leonardo da Vinci is also famous as a designer?
‘Art is a beautiful way to express yourself — the simplest of paintings can be a window into a world of emotions. But just because you’re a talented artist doesn’t mean you should dabble in design…’
see comic design



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