The Surprising iPad Rival in Education

Guess clue: it isn’t a tablet, laptop or desktop
Chromebook‘Education has been quick to jump on the tablet bandwagon by deploying iPads and a handful of Windows 8 and Android tablets. But in one surprising new twist the iPad finds itself under threat in the classroom from a different form factor altogether…’
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Why Tesla Might be the Greatest Inventor Ever
The 10 Inventions of Nikola Tesla That Changed The World
‘Besides his persecution by corporate-government interests (which is practically a certification of authenticity), there is at least one solid indication of Nikola Tesla’s integrity — he tore up a contract with Westinghouse that was worth billions in order to save the company from paying him his huge royalty payments.

‘But, let’s take a look at what Nikola Tesla — a man who died broke and alone — has actually given to the world. For better or worse, with credit or without, he changed the face of the planet in ways that perhaps no man ever has…’

Encrypt all your emails
This is service for securing your messages in an easy way. All you need is only to enter a message text of your message and encryption password. The password will be used for both encryption and decryption. The system will encrypt your message using strong encryption algorithm, and it will be secure for sending. Anyone who intercepts the encrypted message without password will not be able to read original message.

Your Timeline with New Look
Filter the tweets to: Photos, Videos, Audio, Links, and Text plus amazing features.
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