Rolling Stones Finally Reacts

Explaining the ‘Rolling Stone’ Cover, by a Boston Native
By Matt Taibbi


‘…Anyway, I heard about the Rolling Stone cover controversy before I even saw the cover or read the magazine. I have to admit I was initially a little rattled when emailers told me my employers had “done a sexy photo shoot for Tsarnayev” and “posed him like Jim Morrison.” I’ve known the editors of this magazine for over a decade now and didn’t believe this could be true, but people get all kinds of surprises in life – you hear about people married for years before they find out the husband has a cache of Nazi paraphernalia in his basement, or the wife was previously a male state trooper from Oklahoma, or something – so I guess you can never really know.

‘Then I actually saw the Tsarnayev cover, and honestly, I was stunned. I think the controversy is very misplaced. Having had a few days to listen to all of the yelling, the basis of all of this criticism seems to come down to two points:

Horrifying Secrets Supermarkets Don’t Want You to Know
‘As we are fond of pointing out, the only thing that surpasses mankind’s loving relationship with food is the food industry’s willingness to abuse said relationship at every opportunity. Your grocery store is no different — every time you visit that behemoth food chain, you’re stepping into a confusing fluorescent-lit maze of lies. And by lies, we mean dead rats.

‘See, when you get sick after eating at a restaurant, you probably tell everyone you know — restaurants get a bad reputation in a hurry. But if something from your kitchen makes you sick, would you ever think to blame the grocery store?

‘You should. Because if you peek behind the scenes, you will find that



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