The Art of Teaching

prweb-tN_Carolines011The author of this piece, Butch Hernandez, is a long time friend of mine whom I rarely meet — only when we I jam or play with his band on parties. I didn’t take college at FEU but I was one of its high school grad

‘The Art of Teaching is a compendium of best practices culled from the teaching experience of more than 30 top-caliber college professors. Compiled and edited by Jaime An Lim, Noel Bejo and Danny Vibas, “The Art of Teaching” published by Far Eastern University Publications is more than just a treasure trove of great essays on teaching and education. It is undoubtedly an invaluable resource for both novice lecturers and seasoned instructors in our public or private Higher Education Institutions…’
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Bad news for journos (and publishers?)
Court rules journalists can’t keep their sources secret
‘A federal appeals court ruled Friday that New York Times journalist James Risen must testify in the trial of a former Central Intelligence Agency officer accused of leaking classified national defense information to the media.

‘A lower court ruled previously that Risen could protect the source responsible for sharing intelligence about a CIA operation discussed in his writing, but the US Court of Appeals from the Fourth Circuit reversed that decision Friday morning with a 2-1 vote…’
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Tips on Writing from Joyce Carol Oates
“Don’t try to anticipate an ideal reader – or any reader. He/she might exist – but is reading someone else.”

‘In a recent tweeting spree, the inimitable Joyce Carol Oates offered ten tips on writing – a fine addition to this master-list of famous authors’ wisdom on the craft…’
Oates’ tips 1. and 10.: Write your heart out
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Facebook can Kill your Klout Score
Skip this if you don’t care about your measure of online influence
‘Klout is probably the best reputation indicator we have. There are a significant number of players in the field of *reputation* management, or trust, or authority. I’ve written about them all here: The 7th Discipline of Social Media; KLOUT, the New Measure of Influence

‘But when my Klout score dropped off the cliff last week, I had to take evasive action to get things back in order. Here’s what happened…’

This app solved my most pesky pest everytime I copy a URL for reference and attribution
Remove UTM_Source Tracking from URLs
Say goodbye to that irksome nuisance with the au-revoir-utm extension for Firefox

If you are a frequent user of RSS, then you have likely seen more than enough of the utm_source URL extension. With this extension, you simply install it and starting enjoying clean URLs immediately. No browser restart is required!

Keep in mind that you will need to refresh any tabs you had open previous to installation with the utm_source extension still present as part of the URL.


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