The Most Cruel Death to Witness

A Nuclear War without a War
When you touch the head of a person that had just received massive doses of radiation, the person’s hair will fall off. Embrace him/her and his skin will scrape off and show muscle with dried black blood. Imagine you love that person. Since radiation is already getting into our food chain, we might all die that way

‘…In view of the official cover-up and media disinformation campaign, the contents of the articles and video reports in this Online Interactive Reader have not trickled down to the broader public. (See Table of contents below)

‘This Online Interactive Reader on Fukushima contains a combination of analytical and scientific articles, video reports as well as shorter news reports and corroborating data…’

How radiation gets into the food chain

Apocalyptic Technologies That Most People Have Not Even Heard About Yet

‘Would you be willing to allow a technology company to put one large computer chip or thousands of really, really small ones (“neural dust”) into your brain? These are some of the technologies that are coming. Our world is changing at an absolutely mind blowing rate, and to be honest none of us really knows what our world is going to look like a decade from now.

‘Remember, ten years ago Facebook did not exist and five years ago the iPad did not exist. Our planet is fundamentally being transformed, and our scientists are rapidly turning the “impossible” into the possible…’
The 6 apocalyptic technologies

No Implant RFID Chip
You don’t have to be an anti-Christ to use RFID but this DIY bracelet is primarily used to open remote control doors
RFID bracelet

Screwup on Purpose Effectively
Make deliberate mistakes to win


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