The Worst Social Media Blunders

smthree.wordpress-social-media‘SOCIAL media is still in its infancy. In relative terms that baby is still learning to walk, which means there’s going to be a lot of attempts that end in tears. And thanks to mobile phones, these wobbly moments can be captured and broadcast on the internet with the speed of a viral YouTube video of a toddler falling over.

‘The more offensive the stuff-up, the more public it will be.

‘ has put together a list of some of the biggest social media stuff ups of the last few years…’
the blunders

The secret business deals that slow down your home internet connection

‘…your ISP (probably) isn’t sniffing your traffic every time you click a YouTube or Netflix link, ready to throttle your bandwidth. But behind the scenes, in negotiations that almost never become public, the world’s biggest Internet providers and video services argue over how much one network should pay to connect to another. When these negotiations fail, users suffer. In other words, bad video performance is often caused not just by technology problems but also by business decisions made by the companies that control the Internet…’

Snowden can Work for Russian Facebook
‘…VK – previously known as VK or ВКонтакте in Russian – is the second most popular social network in Europe, with a particularly strong following in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. It has around 200 million accounts and 45 million average daily users – compared to over one billion accounts and 665 million daily users.

‘It offers very similar functionality to Facebook with its core functionality including photo sharing, private messaging, status updates and news sharing…’

Why Everyone Needs To Read This Jihadist Manual For Web Safety
‘The unpleasant realization you get while reading it: While it’s sound advice for terrorists looking to keep off the grid, some of it also makes sense for the rest of us, too.

‘Al-Minbar Jihadi Media Network, a well-known Islamic extremist organization, just published a new magazine with step-by-step directions for keeping plans private from the NSA or other government bodies. The 12-page online publication, first reported by The Wall Street Journal and translated by SITE Intel Group (subscription required), gives a series of suggestions for Internet security. And many apply to anyone interested in security…’
Among the tips offered

1700 Websites in Russia Go Dark in a SOPA-style Protest


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