The Online Popularity Scam

Twitter 6x6
‘How much do you like courgettes? According to one Facebook page devoted to them, hundreds of people find them delightful enough to click the “like” button – even with dozens of other pages about courgettes to choose from.

‘There’s just one problem: the liking was fake, done by a team of low-paid workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh, whose boss demanded just $15 per thousand “likes” at his “click farm“. Workers punching the keys might be on a three-shift system, and be paid as little as $120 a year.

‘The ease with which a humble vegetable could win approval calls into question the basis on which many modern companies measure success online – through Facebook likes, YouTube video views and Twitter followers…’
the scam

Is Twitter Another Victim of Own Success?
Most of my Twitter followers have thousands of their own and I wonder why they follow me. But lately, I noticed that Twitter is becoming more and more a colder community. I’ve been wanting to rant about the Twitter egotists for a week now. This article removed my hesitation:

How to stay private in a social media crisis

Kinect + Laptop = 3D Printing

Tor security advisory: Old Tor Browser Bundles vulnerable

Light Pollution
Why We Should Minimize PC Screen Brightness


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