Video Game Experience Saves Lives

Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart 64 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Will this proof end once and for all the argument that video games are counter-productive?
10yr old’s Mario Kart skills save his family

‘…Initially, 10-year old Gryffin Sanders didn’t know what to do when his great-grandmother passed out behind the wheel. But then, years of video game experience kicked in, and his in-game skills turned out to be life-saving…’
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The Digital Cemetery
If your loved one created a digital will, why not bury the person’s social network data?

‘Israeli industrial designer Hadas Arnon‘s ‘Digital Cemetery’ consists of USB sticks gathered into an archive, offering a place to mourn and remember the dead. Family and friends can gather all of the digital data of the deceased onto a small memory drive and then access it later.

‘Arnon was inspired by today’s digital world, where most people have a lot of data and an internet profile on social networks. This led to the idea for the digital cemetery, where lots of sticks are gathered and digital memory is preserved.

‘People who have lost a loved one can visit and remember them at any time. After a quick computer search, they can find the location of the requested memorial stick, take it to a separate room and view all the pictures, videos, songs and other data…’

$100K Tweeting Job Offer for Edward Snowden
‘ offers the whistleblower $100,000 to tweet on its behalf. A stipulation of the offer is that he mustn’t leak classified information…’

Mobile Web vs Desktop Browsing

The world’s first computer search engine that lets you search the Internet for computers. Find devices based on city, country, latitude/longitude, hostname, operating system and IP.


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