Unsafe Restaurants Warning on Twitter

Pop singer Sapho performs "TV Is Eating u...

Pop singer Sapho performs “TV Is Eating up Your Brain”, with video effects. In the lower left is a still image of George Orwell. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘After working through some 3.8 million tweets from more than 94,000 New Yorkers, the Rochester team found a valid correlation between their system’s predicted health score and official data from the US Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. That four-month trial has shown nEmesis has the potential to be an inexpensive complement to traditional food safety measures. In fact, due to its ability to rapidly identify potential hotspots for food poisoning, it could be used to guide inspectors in conducting their surveys…’
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Facebook used again in worker dismissal
‘A flight attendant was forced to let her bosses examine her Facebook pages and bank accounts in a stoush over what she was up to on sick leave.

‘The employment court move signals a future where bosses will increasingly demand access to what most workers regard as private details, says employment lawyer Andrew Scott-Howman. He said the development could be seen as creepy and intrusive.

‘Gina Kensington was sacked by Air New Zealand earlier this year following a dispute over sick leave she took to care for her sister…’

George Orwell’s Letter on Why He Wrote ‘1984’
The popular opinion is that Orwell accurately predicted most modern tech used today for NSA-like surveillance. It seems to me that in this letter, what inspired him to write 1984 was Hitler’s dictatorial Reich.

‘In 1944, three years before writing and five years before publishing 1984, George Orwell penned a letter detailing the thesis of his great novel. The letter, warning of the rise of totalitarian police states that will ‘say that two and two are five,’ is reprinted from George Orwell: A Life in Letters, edited by Peter Davidson and published today by Liveright…’
the letter

Like a video-conference but instead, you all just watch a video from different places.
Watch a video on YouTube or Vimeo simultaneously with your friends, who are not exactly sitting next to you.


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