How to Find and Delete CPU Hoggers

How to use Windows Task Manager Effectively  
I installed a volunteer program that actually uses my bandwidth whenever my PC is idle. After some months and being informed my small netbook bandwidth wasn’t helping, I decided to uninstall it. But whenever I run my defragmenter, the program’s name was still flashing and for some reason, I found it hard to locate the program file to delete it. But thanks to the problem I finally learned how to use Task Manager to the full.
Here is how to find and delete stubborn CPU hoggers:  

1. Open Task Manager: ctrl+shift+esc
2. Click on ‘Processes’
3. If you don’t find the file you need, click ‘Show processes from all users’
4. When your target file name appears, right-click on it then click ‘Open file location’
5. When your file appears, you can delete it by clicking on ‘Organize’ (top left corner) then choosing delete. Or you can use your deleting or uninstalling app too.

Finally, my CPU isn’t running 100% all the time! I have no idea how my netbook withstood that.

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