Laser Weapons as Old as Falklands War

Discarded Argentine weapons, Stanley 1982.

Discarded Argentine weapons, Stanley 1982. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Royal Navy deployed laser weapons during the Falklands War
‘Despite recent demonstrations by the US Navy, we still think of laser weapons as being things of the future. However, previously-classified British documents prove that not only were the major powers working on laser weapons in the 1970s and 80s, but that they were already being deployed with combat units in war zones. A letter from the Ministry of Defence released under the 30-year rule reveals that laser weapons were deployed on Royal Navy ships during the Falklands War in 1982, and that the British government was concerned about similar weapons being developed behind the Iron Curtain…’

Honda Campaigns To Save The Drive-In Movie
The drive-in theatre is one thing I want to experience in the US. It will soon be another victim of modern tech if we allow that

‘The car company has started a fund to preserve an iconic part of American car culture that is under threat by Hollywood’s move to digital projection.

‘There are 368 drive-ins left in America, but many may be forced to shut their gates because of the switch from analog film reels to digital projection. Honda has begun a social media and fundraising campaign to save drive-ins, a nostalgic reminder of a by-gone era.

‘By the end of the year, Hollywood will stop shipping out old-school film reels so to stay in business, drive-ins will have to digitalize. The problem is the cost of a digital projection system for screens of that size can be upwards of $75,000. Honda is donating five projectors to drive-ins that the public vote for, but it is also promoting a crowdfunding campaign with a dedicated website, giving film enthusiasts everywhere the ability to donate to save the drive-in…’

Your unwanted invisble Facebook account
You Might Have an Invisible Facebook Account Even if You Never Signed Up

The Facebook Shadow Profile
‘…this also isn’t the first time this month that Facebook flagrantly invaded user privacy without permission.

‘Have you ever tried using Photoshop,, or another image editing software that uses ‘layers’? A shadow profile is much like an invisible layer that isn’t normally visible on the Facebook front-end but is still there on its servers. These profiles contain additional information which you likely didn’t submit to your Facebook account yourself through the automated methods mentioned earlier. It’s visible only to Facebook.

‘For a while, this information was available to people using the “download my data” feature due to a bug in the Facebook system, which has now been corrected. Although this information is no longer publicly available, it is still being collected by Facebook. And, these profiles may store information on people who don’t even have a Facebook account…’
how to fix it

Social Networks will Kill Campaign Jobs
‘Digital democracy will put these campaign professionals out of work. New research in computer science, sociology and political science shows that data extracted from social media platforms yield accurate measurements of public opinion. It turns out that what people say on Twitter or Facebook is a very good indicator of how they will vote.

‘How good? In a paper to be presented Monday, co-authors Joseph DiGrazia, Karissa McKelvey, Johan Bollen and I show that Twitter discussions are an unusually good predictor of U.S. House elections…’


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