The Internet Response League

No. This is not another activist group. It’s a volunteer site for gamers
‘As the Internet Response League (IRL) begins to gain traction amongst the gaming community, we hope that our next steps will draw in as many game developers as possible. Our goal for this project is to create an open community of gamers and game developers aligned with the common cause of helping out in disaster response and creating a socially responsible gaming world…’


Journalism and video games come together as a new form of storytelling in Brazil
‘The magazine Superinteressante is among a number of Brazilian publishers who have reached new audiences by producing games on topics like drug trafficking and police investigations…’
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How to Troubleshoot Issues With PC Games
‘PCs are all about backwards compatibility, but this can lead to problems. Games designed for DOS or even just earlier versions of Windows may not work properly on modern versions of Windows without some tweaking.

‘We’ll walk you through the basic things you need to know when trying to troubleshoot games – much of this applies even if you’re purchasing old games from Steam…’


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