Off-the-grid Satellite Messaging lets you Text Anywhere

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‘Touted as a simpler, subscription-free alternative to the Delorme inReach, the Text Anywhere is a portable, satellite-powered hot spot that adds virtually unlimited text-messaging range to your phone. If your work or play takes you to remote regions of the world out of mobile phone range, this device can keep you in touch with the folks back in civilization.

‘The Text Anywhere unit pairs with compatible Wi-Fi-equipped computers, smartphones, laptops and tablets. However, unlike some other satellite pairing devices, the Text Anywhere works via a Web app rather than relying on an OS-specific app, giving users a little extra device flexibility. Just like the inReach, it works on the Iridium satellite network, providing global coverage – with the exception of some countries where it is currently disabled, such as Cuba and North Korea, and in places with no clear view of the sky, such as canyons and under thick tree canopies…’

‘Herd Effect’ Ratings and Fake Followers
Another reason why you shouldn’t enter the popularity contest and enjoy your ratings. It’s as if the digital world is dressing you expensively even though undeserved

‘How much do you trust the online ratings of articles and posts on websites? New research suggests high positive ratings may not be a true reflection of an item’s value or quality, but are partly due to “herd” effects, where people end up liking something that is already well liked by others.

‘Negative ratings, on the other hand, do not seem to have affect the overall rating of an item, since other users seemed more likely to “correct” these with positive ratings further down the line, according to a study of tens of thousands of comments on a news aggregation website…’

Did NY Times Make Major Error Turning To Facebook?
Why you shouldn’t use your FB page for your major articles

‘Facebook may have been convenient, but it – not the Times – ultimately controls what appears on its service. Facebook is not hosting this material for the sake of the Times or for people who want quality journalism. Facebook itself is an increasingly threatening competitor to the journalism industry, and it serves its own needs first.

‘The situation also highlighted a reality all news organizations – and all of us who rely on the web for much of what we read and say – need to understand better. Technology can be fragile. It can be hacked. And we all need a Plan B…’

The more you use Facebook, the more miserable you get
So why do people still use Facebook!? Masochism?

‘Over 500 million people interact daily with Facebook. Yet, whether Facebook use influences subjective well-being over time is unknown. We addressed this issue using experience-sampling, the most reliable method for measuring in-vivo behavior and psychological experience. We text-messaged people five times per day for two-weeks to examine how Facebook use influences the two components of subjective well-being: how people feel moment-to-moment and how satisfied they are with their lives. Our results indicate that Facebook use predicts negative shifts on both of these variables over time. The more people used Facebook at one time point, the worse they felt the next time we text-messaged them; the more they used Facebook over two-weeks, the more their life satisfaction levels declined over time…’


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