Victim of ‘black man’ Slams Racial Profiling

Abdulameer Yousef Habeeb, Iraqi refugee who br...

Abdulameer Yousef Habeeb, Iraqi refugee who brought suit, represented by the ACLU over racial profiling and related matters after being arrested by United States Customs and Border Patrol agents in Havre, Montana. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Black Man in a Hoodie Shot Me; So What?
Brian Beutler tells his story

‘…Racial profiling for thee but not for me. That’s how it looks, at least. It’s probably more complicated than that. I don’t know. I asked Penn on Twitter to discuss the evolution of his views with me, but didn’t get a reply. Maybe he didn’t see the request. Either way, the offer still stands.

‘What I can say with some authority – whether this is what happened to Penn or not – is that being a victim of gun violence doesn’t have to turn you into a supporter of racial profiling.

‘My story is more than five years old now. It took place in Washington, D.C., on a typically warm July night. I was out late on a Tuesday with a friend whom I’ll call Matt, since that’s his name. We’d been drinking – probably too much for a weeknight, but not too much for a 25-year-old journalist…’
full story

$425K Drug Gang Goof-up
Man Buys Safe, Finds 300 Pounds of Weed Inside

‘“I’ve been in law enforcement for 47 years and I’ve never seen anything like this,” Shelby County, Ohio, Sheriff John L. Lenhart said. ”It’s quite effective if you think about it: wrapped airtight to withstand high temperatures. Drug-sniffing dogs probably couldn’t smell it.”…’

NYPD Makes Largest Gun Bust in History
Smugglers busted carrying 254 guns via buses from Carolinas

‘Authorities today announced the biggest gun bust in city history – an NYPD operation that took down two smuggling rings funneling illegal guns from the South for cheap resale on New York’s streets.

‘Nineteen thugs were arrested and 254 firearms recovered.

‘Those busted included two gun runners who oversaw the pair of loosely organized rings and sold their illicit goods through the same city dealer, officials said…’

UK Infant Abuse Stats
It’s worse in other countries imagine
Approximately 50,500 children in the UK are known to be at risk of abuse right now. One in four young adults (25.3%) were severely maltreated during childhood.


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