How Censorship Spreads MERS Disease

Flag of Saudi Arabia Español: Bandera de Arabi...
‘The reason is MERS: Middle East respiratory syndrome, a disease that has been simmering in the region for months. The virus is new, recorded in humans for the first time in mid-2012. It is dire, having killed more than half of those who contracted it. And it is mysterious, far more so than it should be-because Saudi Arabia, where the majority of cases have clustered, has been tight-lipped about the disease’s spread, responding slowly to requests for information and preventing outside researchers from publishing their findings about the syndrome.

‘Even in the Internet age, when data sources like Twitter posts and Google search queries are supposed to tip us off to outbreaks as they happen, one restrictive government can still put the whole world in danger by clamming up…’

How Iconic Places In Literary Fiction Appear Today
‘Looking through Jane Austen’s England by Roy and Lesley Adkins, it’s difficult not to compare the way things were during England’s Georgian and Regency eras with the England of today. The book gives a glimpse at everything from wedding superstitions to the “Bloody Code” (the country’s system of laws and punishments from 1688 to 1815, including the 50 offenses that were punishable by death), which highlight how much has changed since the time of Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice. But what about the times and places that influenced other classic authors? More specifically, what do the real places mentioned in famous works of fiction look like now?…’

100 Best Sci-Fi Movies of All Time
‘Cinema exists to project our dreams. Science-fiction cinema exists to project our most creative dreams-time-travel, alternate worlds, expanded consciousness, and more. That’s why we’re science-fiction maniacs and why we gathered up our top 100 movies. And if your favorite isn’t on here, we want to hear about it. Warning: Here be spoilers…’

10 Essentials for Wilderness Survival
‘Having been camping since I was a boy, I’ve gained much experience in preparing for such events. Through this experience, I have developed a list of basic gear I bring so I will “be prepared” (BSA motto) if I am caught in a survival situation.

‘Please note, these items will not keep you comfortable, they will keep you alive…’
the list


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One Response to How Censorship Spreads MERS Disease

  1. din1992bay says:

    Mmm, That was informative. About the Arabs,
    Dude, Do you have any idea that whether Arabs do heart-transplantion?
    It is permissible in Islam to donate eyes. Heart transplantation must be done when a person is alive.


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