8 Free World-Class College Courses on YouTube

Windows XP on VMware on OS X (Snow Leopard)
Publish Anonymously with Pastebin
Expose anything anonymously
‘Pastebin officially announced that they’ve surpassed 1 million registered members since the introduction of the login service two and a half years ago. The service allowed users to log in using social media tools and control the pastes they uploaded to the site. Members can also edit and delete pieces of information they post to the site. Users can still paste items anonymously…’

Your Social Friends can Lower your Credit Score
‘Some financial lending companies have found that social connections can be a good indicator of a person’s creditworthiness.

‘One such company, Lenddo, determines if you’re friends on Facebook (FB) with someone who was late paying back a loan to Lenddo. If so, that’s bad news for you. It’s even worse news if the delinquent friend is someone you frequently interact with…’
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How to run a news site on WordPress like a VIP
‘Steph Yiu, who works for WordPress.com-owner Automattic, gave a presentation last night in Boston on lessons learned from watching news sites running on WordPress.com VIP, its premium service for your New York Timeses and your CNNs. These are her slides.

‘Some will be familiar to WordPress news hackers like EditFlow and Co-Authors Plus, but you might not know about WP’s native liveblogging support or homepage curation tool…’

Your perilous future on Windows XP
Why you should upgrade or switch to Chrome OS or Ubuntu now
‘Summary: You’ve been getting warned for ages about the impending end of support for XP. Things are even worse than you’ve heard (especially if you run Internet Explorer). Expect a flood of new vulnerabilities and no help for them…’
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Part of the magic of the Internet is accessibility. A wealth of information is at your fingertips if you just know where to look; this includes college courses from some of the country’s most esteemed universities. A number of major universities, including prestigious Ivy League institutions, now provide lecture videos for free over YouTube.

No, you won’t get college credit for these videos, but if you want to expand your knowledge without the cost of tuition, sitting in on a course over the web may be just the thing. And if you don’t see a course that interests you, we’ve linked all the courses offered by each institution in their names below.

Before you get started, however, be aware that these are real college classes, which means the videos are long and cover some high end content. And, while they’re certainly interesting — and we’ve picked the most popular of…

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