The Funny and Tragic World of Publishing

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edublogs-plagiarism-2dzdx7c-150x150Bully book co-authors accuse each other of bullying, plagiarism
‘They teamed up to write a book about bullying in the workplace and wound up in a legal battle over allegations of plagiarism, breach of contract and — yes — bullying.

‘Andrew Faas, a Canadian philanthropist and former executive with Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaw, had the business background and office experience.

‘Barbara Coloroso, a bestselling American author and bullying expert, had the institutional knowledge and publishing know-how.

‘The match seemed perfect at the time, but their working relationship would come to a messy end. Nearly three years after they signed a deal with HarperCollins, the former colleagues are embroiled in an escalating dispute over the book that never was…’
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Lifelong Effects of Bullying
Family Sues NY City et al for Bullying Suicide
‘The mother of Joel Morales, who hanged himself last year after two years of unrelenting bullying…

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