When There is No Reason

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What happens when there is no reason to work hard? The most dangerous one is that it
produces apathy. The I-don’t-care attitude — ‘I don’t have to rebel against corruption
because I’m happy with my life.’


There are Islamic countries where everything is free except their personal things and whims:
Brunei (and Libya during Qaddafi’s reign). In Brunei, 66% of citizens are well-paid state
employees most of which are just lazing around the offices. They have no reason to work


Now I’m not urging the people of Brunei to revolt when they have no legitimate reason to.
What I’m trying to stress is the danger of being apathetical. They might wake up one day to
find themselves victims of their own apathy.


By the way, I found out while researching on this that you can get info about countries from


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