First US Inpatient treatment program for Internet Addiction

Film crew in the @Storyful office

Film crew in the @Storyful office (Photo credit: Paul Watson)

The story of Roberts, who came to grips with his addiction through years of therapy and spiritual retreats, is not unique.

‘Roberts, now 44 years old, would sit eight to 12 hours a day in front of the pale blue glow of his computer, playing a videogame. During holidays, he “binged,” spending nearly all his waking hours at his keyboard. Finally, a friend who had been through Alcoholics Anonymous told him he displayed all the same characteristics of an addict.

‘”Like most addicts, I went through a series of self-deception,” said Roberts, who documented his struggle with addiction in his book, “Cyber Junkie: Escape the Gaming and Internet Trap.”…’
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Facebook Wants More of Your Privacy
FB strips away a bit more of your privacy – but won’t say why
You also agree to have your FACE displayed in ads

‘Facebook is slurping mobile phone numbers from its users without explaining why, it has emerged.

‘In an upcoming overhaul to the social network’s data use policy, Facebook said it had made a number of updates about the information it receives about individuals using the free content ad network.

‘It includes simplifying the language it uses to explain what information it receives from users whenever they are using or “running” Facebook. It said it was also clarifying that some of that information reveals details about the device itself such as an IP address, operating system or – surprisingly – a mobile phone number…’

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