When Not To Trust Web Of Trust

How Trustworthy is WoT?
WOT is very useful in warning us about unsafe websites. But how about when it gives your own site false ratings? When I visit my site Plato on-line, the WOT icon has a blue question mark which just means ‘not enough ratings’ (so don’t be afraid of that warning icon). I will try to find out how that happened because WOT had always declared my site safe (green icon).

Web of Trust takes the ratings and opinions of millions of people on the Internet and score websites based on how they fare with the WOT community. Web of Trust scores a website based on criteria like trustworthiness, reliability, privacy, and safety. Again, these scores aren’t determined by Internet security experts. They’re generated by normal people like you and I. Sounds like it can be a system vulnerable to manipulation and improper use? You’re absolutely right! While Web of Trust serves its purpose for millions of users, there are a few common instances where you’ve got to scratch your head and second-guess a scorecard. In this post, let’s look into the type of websites this seems to most commonly occur with…’
more about WOT

Are You Curious?
New web experience can teach you almost anything online
‘New in the newly infinite category of online learning video platforms, Curious offers brief how tos for DIY projects. Visitors can find or become a student in baking, photography, crafts and a whole lot more.

‘The videos tend to range from five to fifteen minutes, with clear learning chapters designated, as well as handouts. The site is also easy to navigate and has a ‘trending lessons’ section highlighting the most popular videos and offering inspiration on what to learn about next.

‘Consumers’ attitudes are evolving with a continuous eagerness to learn and know about as many topics as possible no matter what age or competency. Technological advances and the increase in speed of video production and quality of sites offering similar expertise (Skillshare, Lynda, Youtube) is allowing us to do this…’

Hardware Flashlight 2.0
What I like with this design is that you could use it as a defensive tool against intruders. That’s why it’s called ‘hardware’

‘A few months ago I posted my first Hardware Flashlight here on Instructables. Though it was a mediocre success, I loved the concept and wanted to have one that worked. So I thought of all the ways that I could improve it. Here’s the list of possible improvements I made for the first Instructable

Must-watch talks for any creative
‘Every now and again I come across a talk that I find to be truly inspiring or informative. Over the years I’ve made sure to bookmark these talks for later reference and now, after recently revisiting my collection, I thought it would be a good time to share those that I believe all creatives should watch.

‘Below is a collection of eight videos that cover everything from branding to education to user experience and client relationships…’


About DigitalPlato

Poch is a Bookrix author and a freelance writer. He is a frequent contributor to TED Conversations.
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