Autistic Boy Now Another ‘Einstein’

This is actually an amazing miracle story
‘Diagnosed with severe autism as a child, Barnett is now 15 and one of the world’s most promising physicists

‘By May of this year, Jacob Barnett had wrung everything he could get out of the university he had been attending for four years in his home state of Indiana. He had taken every undergraduate course on mathematics and physics, and a bunch of graduate-level courses too. None of it had even slowed Jacob down. The only question now was where he would go to study next.

‘Something else about this story nudges it a little further toward the realm of the miraculous. When he was a toddler, almost as soon as he had learned to talk, Jacob stopped speaking for a year and a half. He seemed unable to perform the basic tasks an average child could do. Specialists diagnosed him as severely autistic. One special-education instructor told Kristine Barnett she might as well stop giving Jacob alphabet flashcards, because he would never read…’
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The Walkie-Scorchie
How This Skyscraper Became a Giant Magnifying Glass
It’s ‘Death Ray’ Melts Cars, Sidewalks, Plastic

‘The glass-fronted building bulges out at the top – not particularly for any architectural reason, but more for the fact that it creates more upper-floor office space that can be leased at a higher price. That decision, however, made the building a concave mirror, an effective parabolic reflector. In other words, it’s a giant magnifying glass.

‘The “death ray” made headlines this weekend when it melted the side mirror on one man’s Jaguar, parked in a street several blocks away for just a few hours…’

Robotics Starts Taking Over Farm Jobs
This robot’s task isn’t really very impressive yet very productive. Most laborers would refuse its job
‘Harvest Automation has built a robot to do something that’s neither difficult nor sexy: move potted plants around in nurseries and greenhouses. It’s a task the Boston-based company decided to tackle with its first robot, dubbed Harvey, not because humans can’t do it, but because they don’t.

“’It’s often very difficult strenuous work, and increasingly it’s harder and harder to find people to do that work,” Harvest Automation CEO John Kawola told Singularity Hub.

‘Potted plants don’t sound sexy and they’re not where pundits expected robots to move into agriculture, but worldwide they are a $50 billion industry. And before a plant or tree goes on the shelves of Home Depot or a local garden store, it has been moved around a lot. Young potted plants are packed in close together; then as they grow, they’re spaced out. In the winter, they’re packed in again. In other words, moving plants around is constant work, and one there are few migrants or other low-end workers to do…’

Using promoted tweets for revenge
In a world where airlines lose your luggage, one man couldn’t stand it anymore

‘No, this isn’t a movie. In a real-life instance of the little guy challenging a giant corporation, Twitter user Hasan Syed has taken on British Airways by buying a promoted tweet to complain about his father’s lost luggage.

‘Syed, who uses the handle @HVSVN, told Mashable that he bought the tweet in the New York City and UK markets Monday night. He said he used Twitter’s self-serve ad platform to make the purchase. Syed declined to disclose how much the tweet cost…’


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One Response to Autistic Boy Now Another ‘Einstein’

  1. din1992bay says:

    Autism, Color blindness, Left handers etc are sometimes are extraordinarily capable people. . . .


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