Why I Like Writing Flash Fiction

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…and short stories
I have always ranted about bestselling authors padding their manuscripts. That makes the word ‘bestseller’ dirty. Elmore Leonard was one of few bestselling authors who practiced brevity and didn’t pad. He even said “I try to leave out the parts that people skip.” When you write flash and short stories and the publisher’s limit is a thousand words, you will sometimes find that you have to slash your MS instead of padding it — which is more difficult than padding! I rather have that difficulty than pad my stories.

Writing flash and short is also great for practice if you’re a new writer or a veteran who has been idle a long time. I wonder if we could write and sell a bestseller now without padding like Leonard.

Writing in Past Tense
I posted this discussion on LinkedIn:

“The only living heir was a twenty-year-old.” The author…

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