Why Idiots Need 7 Hours Sleep

Sleep ‘boosts brain cell numbers’. And idiots surely couldn’t do dumb things if they’re asleep
‘Sleep ramps up the production of cells that go on to make an insulating material known as myelin which protects our brain’s circuitry.

‘The findings, so far in mice, could lead to insights about sleep’s role in brain repair and growth as well as the disease MS, says the Wisconsin team.

‘The work is in the Journal of Neuroscience…’
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This isn’t necessarily for idiots
Another Game that Rejuvenates the Brain
‘Multitasking in this fast-paced virtual environment could help players fight off age-related mental decline.

‘If keeping the brain spry were as simple as pumping iron, everyone would want to own the ultimate piece of cognitive exercise equipment. But designing activities to reverse the mental effects of aging is tricky. A new video game created by neuroscientists shows promise in reversing some signs of decline. Now, the researchers behind it aim to prove that video game training can be more than the latest workout craze…’

How Bonephones can Save your hearing
Did you know that bones could hear?
How Bone-conducting Headphones Work
‘…A study published in 2010 in Journal of the American Medical Association found that nearly one in five U.S. teenagers already has some degree of hearing loss, probably as a result of listening to loud music while wearing those buds

‘But if you think you’ll never again be able to listen to your favorite Foo Fighters or U2 songs while jogging, don’t despair. What if you had a way to listen to music on a portable player without putting anything in your ears? As it turns out, it can be done. All you need is a set of bone-conducting headphones, a gadget designed to transmit sound directly to the innermost part of the ear that sends nerve impulses to the brain — even while bypassing portions of the ear. Folks call these magical devices “bonephones.”…’

Top 10 Social Networks 2013 (Infographic)
Facebook still lleads with a big margin over number 2 Tweeter



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  1. din1992bay says:

    And, Sleep is also the time when people grow.


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