Sponsored Content vs Informative Journalism

English: Mashable.com logo as of late 2008
Sponsored content is also called native advertising or paid media. When an advertiser pays you for his ads on your site, the ad content is ‘sponsored’. John Dvorak rants about why Mashable’s sponsored content is ‘shameless’

‘If we as readers continue to let sponsored content persist, the future of informative journalism as we know it is over.

‘I was stunned when I came across a sponsored “article” on Mashable. Besides shamelessly advertising Panasonic’s Lumix GX7 camera, the piece, written by Panasonic, is surrounded by ads for Panasonic.

‘I hate to admit it, but “sponsorship” is the future of content.

‘Historically advertorials have been positioned as as “advertising supplements”-no publication can resist the kind of quick money they generate-but they were never shoehorned into the actual publication. Typefaces were always changed, too.

‘Publishers know they are walking on thin ice with such content. No reader wants to feel tricked. And I don’t mean to just pick on Mashable since I’m sure it is happening everywhere. Press releases are often published whole cloth with no editing whatsoever. Fake articles are written and passed around for free in exchange for a plug for a book…’
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LinkedIn As Your Web Security Badge
‘As Weiner said at Disrupt, LinkedIn already has the pieces he’s describing. The technological piece that carries LinkedIn’s professional identities across the Internet is a product called Sign In With LinkedIn. Not unlike Facebook Login, this piece of software lets users sign in with a LinkedIn account, rather than create a new account for every website that comes along.

‘While far less visible than Facebook or Google’s identity efforts, Sign In With LinkedIn has been gaining traction, particularly with recruiting sites, where it’s a natural fit, and business-to-business sites. More mainstream media sites like Business Insider have also included it in their login options…’

How to Improve Your Free LinkedIn Profile
‘I’m often asked if one should upgrade to a paid LinkedIn account. My answer is always yes but I understand its hard to upgrade when you haven’t seen the full value even with your free account. Like most professional related social channels, with LinkedIn you have to put some work and effort into adding content and understanding all of the features before you can make an educated decision whether if its good for you or not.

‘Here are 2 different things I recommend anyone with a free LinkedIn profile do NOW…’

Invention of the Month
Silk Electrical Wire
Spider Silk Turned Into Electrical Wire Could Pave The Way For ‘Green’ Medical Devices

‘Scientists at Florida State University have created microscopic wires out of spider silk that can conduct electricity. The innovation could open the door to medical devices and other electronics that are tough, but eco-friendly.

‘Why would anyone want to turn spider silk into wire? Many modern electronics are constructed with non-biodegradable plastics that, while durable, are harmful for the environment. Plastics coat steel wires for suspension brides and are found in countless everyday gadgets…’


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