First 9/11 Victim Was a Genius and Hero

Danny Lewin was on flight 11 that slammed into World Trade Center. He was killed before that when he fought the hijackers

‘…Until now, Lewin’s story has remained untold-mainly out of respect for friends and family who closely guarded their memories of the brilliant commando-turned computer scientist. In addition, the official reports of what happened on Flight 11 were, for some time, conflicting and confusing. A memo mistakenly released by the Federal Aviation Administration stated that terrorist Satam al-Suqami shot and killed Lewin with a single bullet around 9:20 a.m. (obviously inaccurate, as the plane crashed at 8:46 a.m.). But almost as soon as the memo was leaked, FAA officials claimed it was written in error and that Lewin had been stabbed, not shot. The 9/11 Commission concurred in its final report, issued four years later, offering a more detailed summary: Based on dozens of interviews with those who spoke with two of the plane’s flight attendants during the hijacking, the commission determined that al-Suqami most likely killed Lewin by slashing his throat from behind as he attempted, single-handedly, to try to stop the hijacking. The time of his death was reported to be somewhere between 8:15 and 8:20 a.m…’
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Media Ignored 9/11 Calm Amid Chaos
The story you were never told
Most of us don’t get chained to slavery in a one-time moment. It’s mostly a gradual acceptance. Like a chain that tightens slowly and continually until the chain is permanent

‘…Says Tierney: “When Sept. 11 demonstrated the enormous resilience in our civil society, why is disaster response now being characterized in militaristic terms?” Perhaps because those who are determined to control everything don’t understand that even in military situations, it’s the second lieutenants and the sergeants who win battles, as, for example, in the Omaha Beach chaos at Normandy.

‘Generals sitting in faraway bunkers cannot control battles. Neither can bureaucrats far from the scene of tragedy, no matter how elaborate their plans.

‘The media got the story all wrong because the panic paradigm is still pervasive and because no one in the media had read the disaster-research literature. –
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Mind bending 9/11 “coincidences”
Kevin Ryan on “Another 19 Suspects”

‘Anyone who thinks that hundreds, even thousands, of people can’t keep a secret is an idiot.

‘Ever heard of “The Manhattan Project?” Thousands of people kept it secret that the US was developing a nuclear bomb during World War II.

‘Millions of people are involved in a global industry that’s as big as the consumer electronics business – the illegal drug business – and expect for arrests of users and very low level street dealers, the industry operates in secret.

‘Bankers, manufacturers, transportation experts are all involved and they apparently keep what they’re doing so secret that thousands of tons of drugs find their way across the ocean and into the bloodstreams of millions of users every day. –
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White House ramps up 9/11 security measures, citing Benghazi
The White House on Tuesday said it had ordered heightened security of U.S. facilities abroad on the September 11 anniversary, citing the attack that killed four U.S. government employees in Benghazi, Libya, last year.


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