iPhone Fingerprint ID vs Right Against Self Incrimination

English: Left to right: iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPh...

English: Left to right: iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apple’s Fingerprint ID May Mean You Can’t ‘Take the Fifth’
‘Biometric authentication may make it easier for normal, everyday users to protect the data on their phones. But as wonderful as technological innovation is, it sometimes creates unintended consequences – including legal ones. If Apple’s move leads us to abandon knowledge-based authentication altogether, we risk inadvertently undermining the legal rights we currently enjoy under the Fifth Amendment.

‘Here’s an easy fix: give users the option to unlock their phones with a fingerprint plus something the user knows…’
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What Apple’s Cheaper iPhone Will Deliver
‘“It’s a very good direction that Apple is launching its latest model so soon in China when its brand attraction is on the decline,” Nicole Peng, an analyst at Canalys, told Reuters. “It is a sign that they value the Chinese consumers.”The bright colours of the new iOS 7 software, shown off to Apple developers in June, are expected to be popular with Asian customers. But another Asian trend – towards larger screens dubbed “phablets” because they are a cross between a phone and a tablet – is unlikely to be followed. While Apple is reported to be testing iPhones with larger screens, and developer sources say that the iOS 7 software is suitable for larger screens, nobody is expecting an Apple “phablet” on Tuesday. “I think that there’s enough pent-up demand for ‘new’ iPhones even if they’re the same price as the old iPhone 4,” said CCS Insight’s Wood. “It will feel like a new device. And that’s what people want.”…’
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LastPass Still Safe from NSA Hacking
‘With news that the United States National Security Agency has deliberately inserted weaknesses into security products and attempted to modify NIST standards, questions have been raised about how these actions affect LastPass and our customers. We want to directly address whether LastPass has been or could be weakened, and whether our users’ data remains secure.

‘In short, we have not weakened our product or introduced a backdoor, and haven’t been asked to do so. If we were forced by law to take these actions, we’d fight it. If we were unable to successfully fight it, we would consider shutting down the service. We will not break our commitment to our customers…’

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