The Trauma-based US Education

‘As if the average 7th grader residing within the public school/prison control system doesn’t have enough to worry about. The following articles just scratch the surface of the full-spectrum indoctrination and fear mongering that passes for education in many parts of America:

‘School Pressured to Stop Making Kids Kneel Before the Principal
How Schools Use Fear to Brainwash Students to Trust the System: A Parent’s Story
Kids All Over America Are Being Put On Buses And Sent To Alternate Locations During School Terror Drills
12-Year-Old Girl Sues School for Spying on Her Facebook Account
Mississippi town sued over ‘school-to-prison pipeline’
U.S. Elementary School Homework Teaches Kids ‘Government Is Family’
Chicago Public Schools Mandate Sex Ed for Kindergartners
Is this a Preschool or a Prison? We Can’t Really Tell the Difference

‘Add to this what you will see in the video below, and there couldn’t be a clearer case for homeschooling…’

Putin speaks directly to the American people
What he says makes perfect sense -TrueActivist
‘In an unprecedented move, President Vladimir Putin has written an article for the New York Times, declaring he wants to “speak directly to the American people”. Putin´s reminder of the UN´s purpose and why its power should not be undermined is both logical and diplomatic. Here is his plea for American restraint in full…’
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Judge Tells Divorcing Couple to Split House, Literally
What would you do if this happens to you?
The wife will live upstairs with four bedrooms and three bathrooms while her husband will have a downstairs unit with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The upside to the decision is that they don’t have to worry about their children visitation rights.

Top tips for teaching English in Spain
Whether teaching English is your calling in life, or you just want an excuse to live the good life in Spain for a while, The Local’s guide to teaching English will get you off on the right foot.
the tips


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