Is Your Gadget Fake?

gizmodoHow To Spot A Fake iPhone And Other Phony Tech Gadgets
‘Counterfeiters sell $700 billion worth of fake products every year, says Craig Crosby, founder and CEO of the Counterfeit Report, a site dedicated to stopping them,

‘And when it comes to fake electronics, these things aren’t tested or regulated. They can be dangerous…’
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Taxi Syndicate inside Manila International Airport
Is the Philippine government ignorant of the fact that this syndicate is wrecking its tourism industry?

My mother and brother went to NAIA last night to fetch her daughter-in-law who arrived from the US. All the taxis inside the airport are asking for a minimum contract fee of 900 pesos.
My brother didn’t bite and finally was able to get one that charged only 200php. That was the normal fee for a 30 minute drive.

900 pesos is a small amount when converted to dollars. But 900php can feed one a decent meal for one week in Manila.

Fascinating Facts We Learned From the Internet
Learning fascinating facts from the Net happens to me, not ‘happened’
Here are just 5 of them
26. In 1951 linguist Samuel E. Martin coined a gender-neutral term for nieces and nephews: niblings!

27. In 1993 Pepsi ran a contest in the Philippines in which it promised 1 million pesos, roughly $40,000, to the person who found the number 349 inside his bottle cap. The problem: Pepsi printed 800,000 winning bottle caps.

28. The biggest manufacturer of tires in the world is LEGO.

29. Chemicals in the urine of people taking anti-depressants are making their ways into waterways and altering the behavior of minnows. Male minnows are becoming obsessive compulsive and some are even killing the females.

30. Researches have taught pigeons to recognize all 26 letters of the alphabet.

Get healthy and start working on your feet
Build Your Own Sturdy, Good-Looking Standing Desk for Less Than $25

‘Granted, Colin Nederkoorn, who pulled off this feat of thrifty engineering, had a traditional sitting desk to build this on top of, but then again, most of us do, so that’s not a problem. He does suggest a few upgrades, like a side table for a little added space, or some lighting that-while it looks great-costs more than the actual desk, so be careful you don’t splurge too much.

‘For more photos and some links to other people who have adopted the same standing desk setup, check out the link below. If you prefer a different design, we have plenty of options, or just check out this post at The Wirecutter for a good recommendation…’


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