Sinister Conspiracies That Actually Happened


The 19 conspiracies

Swappable SIM Cards Let Unlocked Phones Go Anywhere [Video]

‘Simple Mobile is changing the way that we view our wireless plans with their swappable SIM cards. Empowering wireless freedom by letting customers switch SIM cards between their own unlocked phones, Simple Mobile wants to start a wireless revolution.

‘Because Simple Mobile’s premium wireless plans work on any unlocked phone, customers aren’t tied to any one carrier and can get great coverage at an affordable price.

“’Change Your Game,“ Simple Mobile’s newest initiative, is looking for game changers whose way of thinking, style, and worldview sets them apart from others. Simple Mobile is calling upon filmmakers, creators, musicians, and anyone with a talent or skill to share how Simple Mobile can help push their dreams forward…’


The 10 Commandments of Rational Debate

Are you assertive and always getting into arguments and debates? Learn these tips

Logical fallacies explained

‘Learn the 10 Commandments of Rational Debate and use them against your enemy as you obliterate their argument point by point (rationally, of course). Knowing your logical fallacies and how the brain can deceive even the brightest of minds is the first step towards winning an argument.

‘These are 10 of the more popular logical fallacies, but there are many others you need to learn in order to master the art of debate…’

10 commandments

Did you know that verbal abuse from someone can make you believe the abuser that you will need therapy to ‘disbelieve’ whatever it is?

Marissa Mayer Uses Twitter to Convert Users to Yahoo

‘Marissa Mayer has worked to bring back users to Yahoo by improving its products. On Thursday, she took a different approach: Twitter.

‘Over the course of several hours on Thursday, Mayer retweeted and replied to nearly a dozen people on Twitter who pledged to make Yahoo their homepage in exchange:…’



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