Make Sure Your Heirs Will Inherit your Digital Assets

English: Infographic on how Social Media are b...
Digital assets could be lost to heirs unless they are part of an estate plan

‘Many digital assets are owned through a license that is limited to the account-holder and nontransferable. The license may cease to exist when the account-holder dies, so it can’t be transferred in a will. But by placing the license in a trust, it is possible that the license will survive the death of its creator.

‘Wills play an important role, too, Ms. Cahn says, mainly in stating who should receive any digital property that is capable of being inherited. A will can also designate who will have access to digital accounts, although this may not be legally binding.

‘Estate advisers caution against listing digital assets and passwords in a will because the will can become public. Such information instead should go into a separate letter, says Lesley Moss, an attorney at law firm Oram & Moss in Chevy Chase, Md…’
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Social media: Why it’s the worst phrase in marketing
I can’t remember how many times I wrote that the phrase ‘social media’ is oxymoronic and I’m glad I have a new ally

‘…how can I view social media as the worst term in marketing when my career has been built upon it? In short, it’s a misleading term that confuses both consumers and marketers. Here’s how:
It’s NOT media

‘It’s communication. It’s how we communicate with groups of friends, share photos, and make plans. It is also a filter that we use to personalize what we read, watch, listen to, and do. Our social filters are key to achieve relevance in what we consume and how we remove the rapidly expansive noise.

‘To marketers, social media is still media — a term that leads the industry to focus on what can be bought and broadcasted. Media is a conduit to reach people, but social is a desired behavior for all of their communications. This behavior will deliver consumer engagement far superior to the mass media of the past…’

US Government Releases App to Get the Public’s Help Tracking Child Predators
‘The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) has introduced a new iOS app that lets citizens share tips in order to help the government track down criminals.

‘Operation Predator is designed for users to report suspected child exploitation that they see in their neighborhood. The app also features lists of wanted predators with their name and photo…’

Catch 50 Fleas In One Night
Can you catch fleas? Ecoben can and I wish he starts a how-to series on catching various pests

‘With this home built flea catcher I was able to catch 50 fleas in one night. Yes I certainly did count them!
I have seen several other prototypes on the internet, but I wanted to share my experience with my results…’


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