The Real ‘Evil’ of Computerization

While modern tech creates jobs that are mostly exclusive, the jobs it takes away are far more numerous
Nearly half of US jobs could be at risk of computerization, Oxford Martin School study shows
Transport, logistics, and office roles most likely to come under threat

‘The study, a collaboration between Dr. Carl Benedikt Frey (Oxford Martin School) and Dr. Michael A. Osborne (Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford), found that jobs in transportation, logistics, and office/administrative support are at “high risk” of automation.

‘More surprisingly, occupations within the service industry are also highly susceptible, despite recent job growth in this sector, they say…’
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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Cheap Third-Party Batteries For Laptops or Smartphones
‘Official replacement batteries can be expensive. Whether you’re looking at a laptop or smartphone battery, you may be tempted to take the cheap route and buy an aftermarket battery. But this decision could blow up in your face – literally.

‘Aftermarket batteries made by other manufacturers can often be found for significantly cheaper. In reality , they’re not worth the savings. Cheap aftermarket batteries could catch fire, explode, and even burn down your house or physically injure you…’
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Stop Junk Snail Mail With the PaperKarma App
Your physical mailbox collects junk advertisements, useless catalogs, credit card offers, and coupons you’ll never use. The best thing about this app is that it reduces massive paper waste
‘PaperKarma is an interesting app available on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone that aims to stop wasteful and unwanted paper mail using your smartphone…’

With, you can link to sites without giving them “Google juice”. uses three different ways to block search engines from crawling a link. So you can post it on forums, message boards, reddit and other public places without giving shady websites any undue credibility.

Essay Starter App Helps Writers Add Footnotes
‘Sometimes it is easier to write when starting with research. Essay Starter is a new $.99 app from Ashton East that is designed to help writers start essays based on research and then wrap footnotes around these references.

‘Using the app, writers can upload research documents as PDF files. These PDF files are readable and can be highlighted within the app. Writers can create a new worksheet to make notes on their research and then write their essays around these notes. When a user writes something based on the research, the app will automatically find the reference information and will give the user the option to add footnotes. There is an option to add additional bibliographical information to footnotes…’


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