Catch Snoops with your Webcam

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Snap a Picture of Whoever Logs on Your Laptop
‘If you suspect a coworkers or family member is snooping around your on your laptop while you’re out, here’s a way to find out who they are by taking a picture and saving it to Dropbox. That allows you to check out what the mice are doing while the cat’s away from another computer or smartphone…’

Stop webcam spies with free, 3D-printed “RAT TRAP”
When online espionage became rampant, I decided to block my webcam. I tried opaque tape and stickers but they proved messy and can damage your cam lens. Then I got the idea of using magnetic fridge clipper. Though I had to tape it too to hold it in place, at least it isn’t messy as stickers. Rat Trap is sure much better

‘Ever worry that shadowy hackers-or your school district-are using remote administration tools (RATs) to watch you through your webcam? Do you already keep a piece of tape over the lens? Would you like to indulge your paranoia with more style? Then consider the RAT TRAP, a small plastic rodent that clips over the top of a laptop screen and blocks the camera. Slide it to the side and the camera is usable again.

‘If the RAT TRAP is less practical than a piece of tape-which can remain on when closing the laptop lid, it’s still a clever idea from a set of advertising creatives in the Boulder, Colo. area…’

‘A brand-new, multimedia platform, providing innovative and informative content for everyone involved with or wanting to be involved in schools. Besides all the content from Teachers TV, there is something for everyone: videos, interactive games, work sheets, fact sheets, information and latest education news. There’s also opportunity to get involved in great competitions and daily polls. With our team bringing more than 25 years of experience in education SchoolsWorld is passionate about connecting people to great education daily.

‘SchoolsWorld is designed for everyone involved with schools:..’

Unable To Log In To Your Bank Account? Try These Tips
I’m just giving these surprising tips to bank loyalists but I still hate banks and don’t use them anymore

‘While banks usually do a good job of making it as easy as possible to log into your bank account online, it’s never entirely perfect. There’s always going to be a time when there’s some technological reason why you can’t log in even though you’re using the right credentials. Yes, sometimes it’s the bank’s fault, but a good number of times it’s a problem at your own end, and it’s something that can be easily fixed.

‘Here’s a little checklist which you can follow step by step to make sure that it’s not an issue with your computer. If there is, these steps will hopefully help you resolve it. These steps can also be used for practically any other site you’re having login troubles with, and not just banks…’


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