Last VW ‘Hippie Van’ to Be Built This Year


I bet this last van would fetch very high in an auction. An image of this van always brings me back to my childhood. Does anyone know why this van was called ‘convi’ in Manila? And everyone I know who owns an original ‘bug’ in Manila is being offered tripple the price for it!

‘The last Volkswagen “hippie bus” is due to roll off an assembly line in Brazil on Dec. 31.

‘It seems the van that became known as the transportation of choice for counter-culture folks in the ’60s can’t be made with the air bags and other safety equipment that “the man” wants it to have.

‘So Volkswagen is ending production in the last place where the van’s still made; a factory near Sao Paulo…’

Louis C.K. Is Wrong About Smartphones
‘Could C.K. be right that smartphones are the devil’s playthings? His rant begins by parroting a concern that has become a staple of daytime talk shows-that social media contaminate our children and erode their social skills. “I think these things are toxic, especially for kids,” C.K. said last week, in explaining why he’ll never let his daughters have iPhones. Slate’s Emily Bazelon makes a similar argument in her book Sticks and Stones: Defeating the Culture of Bullying by Rediscovering the Power of Character and Empathy, quoting the Stanford researcher Clifford Nass. “Face-to-face contact is the best way to learn to read other people’s emotions,” Nass told her. “It’s how kids learn empathy. So it’s as if the in-person socializing is the health food, and Facebook is the empty calories. It’s like junk food, and the more of it kids have, the less time they may have for the healthy stuff.” Elsewhere, Nass has described these teen and tweens as suffering from “emotion atrophy,” a condition born of not getting “sufficient practice in observing and experiencing true emotions.”

‘Or as C.K. put it:…’

Fake Yogurt Shop Takes Down Fake Reviewers
‘In the probe, investigators posed as the owner of a yogurt shop in Brooklyn, New York, and called search-engine optimization companies for help in combating negative reviews, according to Schneiderman’s office. The companies subject to today’s settlement offered to provide fake reviews by freelance writers from places including the Philippines, Bangladesh and Eastern Europe, the office said.

‘To contact the reporter on this story: Christie Smythe in Manhattan federal court at

‘To contact the editor responsible for this story: Michael Hytha at…’

Egypt court bans Muslim Brotherhood ‘activities’
This proves that the new Egyptian government is not CIA-controlled
‘The Cairo Court for Urgent Matters said the ruling applied to the Islamist movement, its non-governmental organisation and any affiliated groups.

‘It also ordered the interim government to seize the Brotherhood’s funds and form a panel to administer its frozen assets until any appeal had been heard.

‘The military authorities have launched a crackdown on the group since ousting President Mohammed Morsi on 3 July…’

Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company Promo Scam
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