Amazing Photos and Mysteries

Jack the Ripper Just a Brilliant Media Scam
Jack the Ripper mystery solved by top detective after 125 years
‘And the bad news for the countless millions of amateur sleuths who have spent years trying to identify the nation’s most notorious serial killer is that he never existed.

‘He was just dreamed up by a drunken journalist called Thomas Bulling who wrote a forged letter to Scotland Yard in 1888 pretending to be “Jack” so he could obtain a scoop.

‘More than 300 books and dozens of films and TV programmes have named in excess of 100 different men, often on the flimsiest of evidence, as the serial murderer who slashed the throats of five women who he then disembowelled, bringing terror to the gas lit streets of Whitechapel.

‘The suspects have included everyone from Queen Victoria’s grandson the Duke of Clarence to Alice in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll…’
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Was Fed Decision Leaked to Traders?
Traders may have gotten last week’s Fed news 7 milliseconds early

‘There would seem to be three possibilities: 1) Some trader was extraordinarily lucky, placing a massive bet just before a major announcement that would make that bet highly profitable. 2) There was a leak, either by a media organization with early access to the data or even someone at the Fed. Or 3) The laws of physics have been violated as the information traveled from Washington to Chicago faster than the speed of light.

‘You can see why Option 2 looks the most plausible…’

Photos: Eagle Attacks and Eats Deer
Cameras captured what the authors of the paper say may be the first “documentation” of such an attack.
‘For decades, circumstantial evidence has shown that golden eagles do indeed attack large mammals like deer and even bear cubs.

‘But in a paper published Monday in the Journal of Raptor Research, Linda Kerley of the Zoological Society of London and Jonathan Slaght of the Wildlife Conservation Society unveiled stunning images of an adult golden eagle attacking and killing a young sika deer, weighing 88 to 100 pounds.

‘The images were captured by a camera trap the researchers set up to study Siberian tigers in the Russian Far East…’

Pocket Knife Saves Choking Woman
My favorite gadget is my Swiss knife because I know it could save a life. Now I’ve got proof

‘Pauline Larwood, who was Kern County’s first female supervisor and currently serves as a community college trustee, was eating dinner at The Mark restaurant with some of the doctors, experts, politicians and others in town for the symposium when she began choking.

‘After the Heimlich maneuver failed to open Larwood’s airway, witnesses said, Dr. Royce Johnson, professor of medicine at UCLA and Kern Medical Center’s chief of infectious diseases, used a friend’s knife to make an incision in Larwood’s throat to allow the insertion of the hollow cylinder of a pen as a breathing tube.

‘The procedure succeeded and Larwood was rushed to Mercy Hospital Downtown…’
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