Build a PC in under two minutes

This would only cost you $1,451. Just paying for the experience is enough for me
Building a computer is a great way to get a custom configuration, save some money and have fun. In this how-to video, we’ll show you how to build one in less than two minutes.

Inserting images in Gmail messages could get you banned
But how come this would only happen when you’re in Firefox?
‘Beware Gmail users: Inserting images into the body of an email message can get you temporarily banned from your account.

‘The disconcerting bug has been affecting unsuspecting Gmail users for months, and it’s apparently tied to the use of Gmail’s spanking-new message-compose interface. Google introduced that interface late last year and made it the default for everybody this year, saying it’s faster, simpler and altogether better than the old basic HTML interface.

‘Google has acknowledged the problem but hasn’t been able to stamp it out…’

Learn online for free
Choose a high quality free course from a range of topics; from Science & Technology to Arts & Humanities, from Body & Mind to Business & Management.
Learn step by step

Courses are designed to fit around your life, with short activities and clear goals to encourage you to make progress at a comfortable rate that suits you.

10 Indispensable Outlook Tips
‘The Outlook desktop client is a power-user paradise with more features than a Swiss Army Knife, and the unfortunate truth is that a lot of people just end up overwhelmed by it. That doesn’t have to be you! While there are hundreds of suggestions and tricks to using this heavy-weight of an email application, we kept it short and compiled a list of the top 10 that are most useful and frequently overlooked. With these tips you can be more confident, efficient, and less embarrassed whether you’re on the job or managing email from your personal computer…’

My Network Followers
Just a few months ago, I acquired 500 WordPress and Twitter followers. Then yesterday, it was up 900. If I add Facebook and Google+ followers, it would easily be 1,000. What an awesome year thanks to my loyal followers.


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Poch is a Bookrix author and a freelance writer. He is a frequent contributor to TED Conversations.
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