Best Ways to Deliver Feedback

‘Feedback is crucial to growth as individuals, and to improving the collective knowledge and performance within us as organizations. Nevertheless, feedback is often something that we as managers, and indeed as organizations, are not very good at. Here are five simple ways that you can make feedback more effective…’

Cheaper, More Powerful Laptops Are Already On the Way
‘…Google and Intel recently announced that new Chromebooks will run Intel’s latest Haswell processor, and Google’s been pushing a bunch of Chrome OS app updates, so you can run many of these web-centric apps just like desktop programs. There’s no word on pricing for these new Chromebooks, but with the Haswell chips and Chrome OS developments, as well as new Chromebook manufacturers, ASUS and Toshiba joining the fun, these cheap laptops might soon be considered on par with Windows laptops for the first time ever.

‘It seems like Chromebooks and Wintel laptops are meeting in the middle. Powerful Windows laptops are getting more portable and more affordable, while more affordable and portable Chromebooks are getting more powerful…’

The Only 4 System and Security Tools You Need on Windows
Those that tweak your registry are most dangerous
‘Windows is complicated and needs many different system utilities and security tools to run well – or does it? We recently covered the many types of system tools you don’t need. Here are the few utilities you actually do need.

‘Rather than making your life complicated by piling questionable system tool on top of questionable system tool, focus on what’s really important. These are the tools that will actually do something for your PC…’

Mind-Blowing Tricks Advertisers Use to Manipulate Photos
‘When someone tells you an ad has been PhotoShopped, the natural reaction is “Well, yeah, duh.” What you don’t think about is that the manipulation goes far beyond messing with shading and cleaning up blotches. We asked our readers to enlighten us about the interesting, hands-on tricks ad makers still use…’


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