Hitchhiking Journey Across the U.S. on Blog

ibs-life-diary-300One more thing to learn from this: it’s easier to keep a diary on a personal digital blog than on paper
“Hitchhiking isn’t actually illegal in most states – a lot of people think it is,”
‘Matthew Karsten, affability and all, just completed a trek across the United States, from the coast of Oregon to the shores of Maryland. The kicker: He hitchhiked the entire journey – 36 total rides – in cars and trucks, a Big Rig and a speed boat. He even flew via airplane at one point.

‘He documented the entire trip with photos and up-to-date entries on his travel blog, Expert Vagabond…’
the blog

Twitter Founder Reveals Secret Formula for Getting Rich Online
‘The bottom line, Williams said, is that the internet is “a giant machine designed to give people what they want.” It’s not a utopia. It’s not magical. It’s simply an engine of convenience. Those who can tune that engine well – who solve basic human problems with greater speed and simplicity than those who came before – will profit immensely. Those who lose sight of basic human needs – who want to give people the next great idea – will have problems.

“’We often think of the internet enables you to do new things,” Williams said. “But people just want to do the same things they’ve always done.”…’

Non-Dropbox users can send files to your Dropbox account
‘As any Dropbox user knows, it’s pretty easy to share a cloud-stored file with someone; just click the share icon to get a link you can distribute as needed.

‘Ah, but what about the other way around? What if someone wants to send a file to you via Dropbox? Unless they have Dropbox accounts of their own, they can’t.

‘Now they can. Browser-based Dbinbox enables Dropbox sharing in the other direction: It generates a custom link that others can use to send files to your Dropbox.

‘All you do is type in a desired user name, then click Link with your Dropbox. You’ll have to give Dbinbox permission, of course, after which you’ll find a newly added Dbinbox folder inside your Apps folder…’

How to Keep your Facebook Photos from Cybercrooks
Privacy concerns surrounding Facebook have been well documented, but you may have other reasons for wanting to walk away from the social network.
Three easy steps:
1. Click on the Settings icon (top right corner)
2. Click on Privacy
3. On ‘Who can see my stuff?’, you can allow ‘friends’ only


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