.5 Ton of Marijuana Crushes Pusher to Death


Notice that even the air bag was useless against the pressure

I don’t think the owner of the Silk Road would prefer this fate
‘A Brazilian man was crushed to death last month by over half a ton of his own weed. The pot fatally sandwiched him when he crashed his car into a tree while running from the cops.

‘The chase occurred on September 14th near Bataguassu, Brazil reports Da Hora Bataguassu. The unidentified driver ran a roadblock by the Federal Highway Patrol, the cops gave chase, the driver lost control of his Hyundai Tucson, and crashed into a tree.

‘That’s when the half-ton of unsecured weed maintained its momentum and fatally pinned the driver to the steering wheel. He was killed instantly, Da Hora Bataguassu reports…’

TGI Friday’s Tricks Muslim Into Eating Bacon
Woman says server put bacon in her iced tea
This food joke is stupid and dangerous. A clerk was shot to death when she told the Muslim office guard she put pork into the food she gave him. What if Queen did the same thing instead of suing?

‘…When it came time to pay the bill, their new server asked if Queen wanted a refill on her iced tea to-go. She thought that was really odd, because she’s never been given a refill to-go for free, but thought it was the server offering a kind gesture.

‘Queen said when she took a sip from her iced tea in the parking lot, she noticed something was off from the very start.

‘She said there were pieces of bacon in her straw.

“’I knew right away that that it was bacon, and I knew right away that it had been placed in my straw because that was the first thing that went into my mouth,” Queen said.

‘She said she remembered what bacon tasted like from before she converted. She took the cup to the restaurant manager, but didn’t feel like the manager was taking her complaint seriously…’


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